Beginners/Beginners Intermediate Classes: PB 1, PB 2, PB 3

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Beginners PB-1 Class

Program Fee:  Residents: $43.   Non-Residents: $48. 
Length: 2 hours
Online Registration

This program is an excellent first step to anyone new to pickleball and is recommended instead of the person heading directly to the courts or learning bad-habits from others. Review how the game is played - including scoring, court terminology and rules.

  • Includes a 2017/18 Social Membership to CTPA upon a successful conclusion of the program. The cost of a Social membership itself is equal to this course. 
  • Includes a pickleball and basic paddle & written drills for you to keep and to take home to practice, giving you time to decide on what is your next paddle to purchase. 
  • Review how the game is played - including scoring, court terminology  and rules.
  • Review basic grips, basic ground strokes, serves & return.
  • Actually play some games to get the “feel” and see how much FUN it is!!
  • Includes specific outdoor court times for beginners to practice with each other and one free indoor pass during beginners open session.
  • Total value of this course is over $75.

Beginners PB-2 Class    

Rates: CTPA Member $15.  Non-Member: $35. 
Length: 2 hours
Online Registration

Recommended after completing PB-1 and/or the ability to get 80+% of your serves and returns in.

  • Review in detail the first three successful shots in pickleball. The serve and what you should be trying to accomplish beyond just getting it in.  The return of serve shot and finally the “third shot”  that has three specific possibilities based on how the return shot comes back to you.
  • We will practice all three of these shots in detail.
  • Further discuss positioning on the courts. Where you should be (and why) and where you should NOT BE (and why) based on the shot that your opponent made and you make.  
  • Review some specific shots like dinking, overhead shot and much more.
  • Option to be rated after successfully completing the class to become a Competitive level CTPA member. 
  • Non-members will quality for a $30. discount for a CTPA Social or Competitive Membership.

PB-3 Tactics and Strategies         

Program Fee:   CTPA Members: $15.    Non-Members: $35.*
Online Registration

This class is for those who can get 95+% of their serves and returns and consistent third shot.

  • This class will reinforce the tactics and strategies of doubles pickleball and playing with different partners as you discover that it is more than consistent serves and returns or powering the ball.  
  •  How to effectively communicate with different partners and establishing a game plan together.
  • Review court positioning on every shot.
  • Understanding the game is not about a winning shot but not making mistakes.
  • How to measure mistakes and focusing on not making them.
  • Review the importance of the “soft game”. 
  • Review practice and drills you should be doing & much more.