Township Leadership

The responsibility for local governance involves many residents serving on a variety of appointed panels. The size, terms, responsibilities, schedules, and essential powers of these bodies are noted below. All members of these boards and commissions are appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

If you are interested in serving,

Application for a Board or Commission

Planning Advisory Commission
Reviews all development plans submitted by builders within the Township, suggests modifications where needed, advises the Supervisors on development matters under the Township Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances and Comprehensive Plan, and recommends appropriate actions.
Five Members - Four Year Term. Meetings: 1st Monday of each month

Zoning Hearing Board
Hears and rules on appeals by applicants for variances or special exceptions from determinations by the Zoning Officer under provisions of the Township Zoning Ordinance.
Five Members - Five Year Term. Meetings: 3rd Monday of each month, as needed.

Building and Fire Codes Board of Appeals
Hears and rules on appeals by applicants to approve variances from the exact provisions of the Building/Fire Official, under the B.O.C.A. Building and Fire Prevention Codes enforced by the Township. For information, contact the Township Manager's Office.
Five Members - Three Year Term. Meetings are scheduled upon request

Library Board
Governs the Township's Public Library, hires staff members, sets objectives, controls its finances, and formulates its operating policies.
Seven Members - Three Year Term Meetings: 3rd Monday of each month.

Special Committees
Periodically, the Board of Supervisors creates special-purpose Ad-Hoc Committees to advise them on particular projects.