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  • Learning the Game as a beginner:  PB-1/FT clinic

  • Early Player Develop & beyond  

  • Primary Building Blocks

  • Intermediate Building Blocks

  • Advanced & beyond

Learn the Game- Take Beginners PB-1/FT

CTPA PB-1/Fast Track Clinic & Early Learners Program

This is the best series of clinics to learn pickleball the right way. We have taught 1500 people as of 2023 and we continue to  teach 400 people/year  how to play pickleball.  We know a thing or two about how best to build a strong foundation so you can properly advance your skills.  This program includes a paddle & ball to keep and take home, a full agenda with self-help tips, a two hour clinic with a 4 students with one dedicated instructor on the court the whole time,  also include up to one additional  2-hr Early Player Development  outdoor sessions  with the assist of experienced members to help improve your game.  Then you have the  possibility to join as a full member or our new weekend membership to continue your Early Player Development with a small fee per class..   This is up to 4 hours of personalize training  and a great way to really understand the game the correct way. 

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Early Player Development & Beyond

Those that take PB-1/FT will be allowed up to one additional  2-hr session as a non-members at no additional cost.   Those who have some basic pickleball experience and know the rules can become a member and enter directly into Early Player Development  program.   Here a student will continue to get support to further develop their game so they can then enter and play with the general population at their level.  We have many members who stay within this program as long as they like.  But the idea of Early Player Development is to increase your basic skills to a level where you are comfortable in playing the game.  There is a small fee for any additional Early Player Development.   

CTPA ACADEMY Building Block Series

This is the first step to properly develop your game shot by shot.  Most of us learned pickleball on the street developing bad habits that come back to haunt you as you improve.   What worked for you as a 2.5 player, may not work for you as a 3.0 player and then you are stuck and must go back and learn the proper technique or just continue to play with that weakness.   There are many 2 & 3 day camps that will do 15-16 hours of instruction that sell for $500 to $600.   That is a lot of information to learn in a very short time frame and very difficult to take that all back with you to the courts. Also consider the cost which comes to $35/hour plus your travel costs & time.  

 With the CTPA Academy, we will teach you one skill at a time in a 55 minute clinic, teaching you the proper technique and the drills to take with you to continue to practice after you leave the clinic.   Then after you perfect it, you can come back and do another clinic to learn another skill shot that you want to improve.   As we all know, just by attending a clinc or a 15 hour camp is not instantly going to make you a better player, but learning how to properly do the shot and learning the drills that will make you better and is how you will improve.   Plus our Academy is right in your own back yard!

Primary Building Blocks

     This is geared for those who are learning the sport of pickleball and want to really develop  their game with a proper foundation and primary building blocks that they can check off knowing they are developing proper technique to the important aspect to the game.  The serve, return, 3rd shot options and of course the  strategy  of the 4th, 5th and other shots.   There is a lot to learn and these clinics are really the foundation and first level of blocks you need to get to the next level.

Intermediate Building Blocks

This is now working on the next level of blocks that build on what you have learned. This increases your toolbox of developing new shots that will make a solid intermediate player.  This now includes advance serves & returns, all the different types of volley, dinking, and more extensive clinics specific to defending the baseline, resetting the point at mid-court, resetting the point at the NVZ and you will learn that it is not power but control and touch that makes a great pickleball player.

Advance Building Blocks & beyond

This is now working on the next level of blocks that builds on what you learned in the Intermediate clinics.  Understand the strategy and tactics of game and what should an advance palyer be able to do.  These are intensive clinics that will focus on smaller specifics but important to making you an advance player.    

Who will benfit the most with our clinics?

Those who come knowing that just by attending a 55-minute clinic that they will NOT then be an expert in the shot being taught. But understand that we will be teaching them the proper technique in executing the shot and the drills necessary to practice to develop that technique.   Just like learning in school you have to do the homework to really learn.   The same for our clinics, we are teaching you the proper drills to take with you and practice in the weeks after.    You will not improve if you do not practice the drills.   While we will usually  be a clinic of 8 students and  a 4 student to 1 instructor ratio, the clinic will include  limited one one one instruction time with the focus of assuring that the seven other students in the class that we are  keeping to the agenda with the limited time we have.  So if you have a specific problem you wanted to address or just cannot  handle the drill you may want to consider instead a private lesson or attending a lower level clinic on the same subject.   Attending an Intermediate clinic when you do not have the Primary skills mastered is just wasting your money.   You are much better taking the Prirmary clinic and mastering those  drills, because you will get so much more out of the Intermediate clinic having that skill in advance.   Please arrive 10 minutes BEFORE the start of your clinic.   We want you to have a great experience and we want your feedback if you are not happy.

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A wide variety of clinics have been developed with over 20 different subjects and length of times. Each clinic is then developed for a specific skills level offering four different levels on each subject. Clinics range from $25 to $40/person for a class of 4 to 8 students.  All clinics are scheduled on Court Reserve.

Ball Machine Clinics

Learn a specific paddle/shot  skill in the clinic including the proper way to practice on our ball machine.  Practice for several hours on the ball machine  and return for the following up clinic to further improve that skill.