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  1. Mason Miller

    Pretreatment Coordinator
    Phone: 724-776-4806 x1513

Beekeeping at The Apiary

We are glad to see you are interested in beekeeping at the Cranberry Highlands Community Apiary. We aim to spread pollinator awareness and educate all our members so that they are successful and safe in their beekeeping. To help achieve this the following conditions are required:

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Burgh Bees Role

Burgh Bees is an active beekeeping club in and around Pittsburgh. They aim to introduce beekeeping in order to promote bees and in so doing, stewardship of the environment. In support of their mission Burgh Bees’ seminars and mentor-ship programs help teach beginning beekeepers how to responsibly keep their own hives.


Burgh Bees cares for two honey bee hives owned by Cranberry Township. These hives are used to educate both beekeepers and interested community members. Beekeepers and community members will have the option to sign up for seminars through Burgh Bees website. Various topics ranging from hive management to honey extraction will be discussed at the events. Burgh Bees will be holding a minimum of two events per year.

If you are interested in attending an Apiary event please visit Burgh Bees website and sign up through their event page.