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Pollinating species have come into the spotlight because of their ongoing struggles and our reliance upon them to fertilize our food supply. By integrating pollination-friendly habitat, Cranberry Township is providing a method to educate children and community members on the biology, ecology, agriculture, societal structure, and the hurdles that pollinating species are facing. The 250-feet long garden will harbor a diverse selection of flowering plants and wildlife that all requires attention. Your gracious donations will help the garden prosper and plant the seeds for a more sustainable community.

CTCCWhere Do My Funds Go?

Cranberry Township Community Chest, a non profit organization aimed at raising funds for the purpose of sustainability and health for the community, is adopting Cranberry Highlands Community Apiary as one of their yearly projects. Funding will be used for the purchase, installation and maintenance of the apiary. Cranberry Township has purchased beekeeping equipment, landscaping materials, and the equipment necessary to install the garden. The installation will consist of prepping and leveling the site, establishing a gated perimeter, building beehive foundational benches for the hive boxes to be placed on, affixing two education signs and one sponsorship sign, planting a vast array of flowering plants, placing bird and butterfly boxes, and establishing two honey beehives.

Flowering gardens require a great deal of maintenance because of their ever-changing blooms and dead stems. Cranberry Highlands Golf Course staff will be tending to the land and assuring that the grass is cut and the flowers are kept. Cranberry Township has partnered with Burgh Bees, a local beekeeping club, to manage and sustain the honey beehives. This consists of regular check-ups on the bees to monitor growth, disease, and what they need for the changing seasons. Burgh Bees will also be putting on classes that will train local beekeepers, children, and interested community members.

Become a Sponsor

We offer three sponsorship packages with varying prices and rewards. All sponsors will have the option to place their company name on our 24” x 36” white and gold sponsorship sign. The sign will be placed at the far end of the apiary facing the green on hole #12. This location offers a considerable amount of foot traffic. An average of 150 golfers play the back nine in the warm months of the year. If your company is interested in demonstrating their environmental stewardship and would like to see the other perks that come with our sponsorship packages, please check out the "Sponsorship Application" below. We thank you for your donations!

Sponsorship Application

Sponsorship Sign Location

Hole 12 Diagram

Sponsorship Sign

Apiary Sponsor Sign