Dock to Table

Dock to Table a Real Catch for Hungry Residents

There’s an obvious difference between the fried fish one picks up at the local church during Lent and fresh-caught Chilean seabass.

At Dock to Table Provision Co., 20018 Route 19, Suite 500 near Dutilh Road, that difference couldn’t be clearer. The second location and first in the Pittsburgh region, Dock to Table prides itself on presenting the freshest catch they can, with weekly trips made to the coast to replenish stock.

Call it ocean to table.

But it isn’t just about selling those fresh options that makes Dock to Table unique – it’s the community atmosphere and knowledge that comes along with each purchase.

“Not everybody is Gordon Ramsay,” said Cranberry store manager Jared King. “We ask how you are going to make that Chilean seabass and offer what we recommend. If we can share that conversation and give you confidence to try something new, that’s our goal.”

Whether it’s shrimp, lobster, salmon, tuna or mahi-mahi, Dock to Table serves it vacuum sealed and ready to hit the grill or stove. Using a “farmer’s market distribution process” guarantees the freshness, King said, and provides an opportunity to try something different.

“With the pandemic, especially, people are spending more time focusing on what they’re eating and where it’s coming from,” he said. “To be able to follow the chain of custody of the fish – is everything to us.”


That chain runs from the coast to the original store in Bridgeport, W.Va. before arriving in Cranberry. The Bridgeport location has adapted during the pandemic and the community there has supported the mission, King said.  He expects the same in Cranberry and is already seeing that come to fruition.

Dock to Table offers a low country boil every Thursday featuring crab claws, shrimp, sausage and corn. King said customers – some of whom have already become regulars – will grab a sandwich for lunch and return in the evening for the boil. 

And for those not ready to take the leap into preparing their own seafood recipes, Dock to Table has a menu of sandwiches and salads that use their fresh ingredients. They offer a chance for customers to “tip-toe” into the seafood world.

It’s been a great start for a business that hopes to expand in the region in the coming months, with Cranberry serving as the centerpiece.

“To be able to get super fresh, super clean, high quality seafood in Cranberry - the response has been overwhelming,” King said.

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