Henry’s Meat Market

They have the meats!

Henry’s Meat Market, 20865 Route 19, brings more than six decades of quality animal protein via the family-owned business.

A fixture in Harrisville since 1959, Henry’s offers fresh-cut meats of all types - everything from sausages to lunch meat, breakfast meats to smoked products. None of these hand-crafted products are older than 24 hours. Henry’s also offers a wide variety of produce, dairy, spices, sauces, and everything else needed for a perfect backyard cookout with the family.

And family is at the heart of the Henry’s mission. Jim Henry founded the original market in Harrisville more than 60 years ago. His great-grandson, Grant Craig, took over the business and led the expansion into Cranberry.

Quality remains the goal as access for those in Pittsburgh gets a little easier. The homemade process will continue, even with the anticipated overwhelming demand. Its popularity was apparent during the opening of the business, as a line of eager customers gathered outside. The news of the opening went viral on social media, with shoppers from across the region pledging to make the pilgrimage.

Also on display was the commitment to keeping the family legacy alive, as generations paused to snip a ceremonial ribbon and share a heartfelt moment. The family values ensure Henry’s Meat Market will make the cut in Cranberry.