Rating Procedures

Promotion Evaluation Q&A                            May 2023

How will evaluations be conducted?

Evaluation events will be conducted to allow the prospect to participate in a Promotion Evaluation to determine if they satisfy the criteria for promotion to a higher CTPA club rating.  During these events the prospect will participate in six round robin games with and against selected ‘controls’ from the level in which they are being evaluated.   These games will be with/against two teams of three controls. All games will be to 7 points, win by one point.   At the conclusion of these six games, the game in which the prospect scored the fewest points will be discarded. The prospect will achieve promotion if they have scored a total of 27 points or more.  If they score fewer than 27 points the prospect will remain at their current CTPA club rating. (For new members who self-assess, see exception discussed below.)

Is there a fee for an evaluation?

Yes.   A $40 fee applies to all evaluations and is required to be paid prior to the scheduling of the session.  If unsuccessful, the fee will increase to $60 for a second attempt and to $80 for all subsequent attempts this year AND future years.   There will be no yearly reset.  

If I am evaluated and not successful, when can I re-evaluate?

Those tested for 3.0,  3.5 & 4.0 level:    A member who is unsuccessful in their first evaluation cannot sign up on Court Reserve to be reevaluated until eight weeks after their unsuccessful attempt. This means that you must wait 8 weeks and then sign up (or wait list) on Court Reserve any future evaluation. Example, you took the test on May 1, and 8 weeks later is June 26. If you signed up on May 30 to take an evaluation on June 30, then you did not wait 8 weeks and your evaluation reservation will be canceled.  Starting June 26, you can then reschedule (sign up on Court Reserve) for your next evaluation based on what is available at that time.

 If a member is unsuccessful on the second attempt, they can sign up to be reevaluated after waiting twelve weeks after the second attempt.    For every additional unsuccessful attempt, the member must wait sixteen weeks before they can sign up again. A fee will apply to any additional evaluation.

Those testing at the 4.5 level:   A member who is unsuccessful in their first evaluation can sign up to be reevaluated eight weeks after their unsuccessful attempt.  At that time, they will be added to the waitlist.  If a member is unsuccessful on the second attempt, they can sign up to be reevaluated twelve weeks after the second attempt.  At that time, they are added to the waitlist.   For every additional unsuccessful attempt, the member must wait sixteen weeks before being added to the waitlist.  Please note that waitlist times vary based on demand at the time of sign up.  All reevaluations are subject to the fees listed above.  


FOR NEW MEMBERS ONLY -- What will my club rating be while I’m waiting for an evaluation?

Based on your skills, you may ‘self-assess’ to determine the appropriate level at which to be evaluated.  You would temporarily (45 days max)  be given a club rating ½ point lower than the level at which you want to evaluate.  This provision applies to member who are new to the club, and they must contact the appropriate evaluation coordinator (see contact info below) within 30 days of joining the club.  This provides you with opportunities to participate in events at that level prior to your evaluation.  If you do not achieve at least 24 points during your evaluation, your club rating would revert to the default 2.5.  If you score at least 27 points, your club rating will permanently change to the level you evaluated at.  If you score between 24 and 26 points, your temporary club rating will still apply and you will be added back to the waitlist for the level you evaluated at or, if you choose, you can evaluate at the level ½ point lower. If you do not evaluate within 45 days at the level you selected, you will be reduced to a 2.5 level and will not be able to test for 8 weeks.


  • New member self-assesses at 3.5 and requests an evaluation.
  • Member’s temporary club rating would be 3.0 until evaluation occurs.  This would enable them to participate in all 3.0 events and any 3.5/3.0 ‘blended’ events.
  • If member completes a successful evaluation, permanent club rating becomes 3.5.
  • If member is unsuccessful and scores less than 24 points, their club rating becomes 2.5 and they can now evaluate for 3.0.  The member will pay the full cost for the next evaluation and the appropriate wait time to get back in the queue will apply.
  • If member is unsuccessful but scores between 24 and 26 points, temporary club rating remains at 3.0 until they evaluate again at either 3.5 or 3.0 level. They will be expected to evaluate within 6 weeks, or their club rating will revert to the default of 2.5.


New Members who want to test for 3.0 can follow the instructions below.

New members who want to test for 3.5, 4.0, 4.5  must contact Bruce Mazzoni directly at brucemazzoni@zoominternet.net to sign up for an evaluation and to set your temporary club rating.   A temporary rating will expire within 45 days if you did not get evaluated in that time period.


Where will the evaluations be conducted?

All evaluation events will be conducted at the Graham Park courts.   Under very limited and unusual circumstances, evaluations may be conducted at a different location. 

Will CTPA use any other methods to determine club ranking?

CTPA will also accept USA Pickleball UTPR or WPTR for new members and to increase the club ratings of existing members provided: (1) the member has played in three or more tournaments in the three years prior to the request and (2) the last tournament was a sanctioned tournament which occurred within the previous six months.  Only doubles or mixed doubles (not singles) will be considered for this provision to apply. (3) the member must have an active, non-expired USA Pickleball membership.  Regardless of which of the UTPR or WPTR ratings you use, the above criteria for the number of tournaments needed and one in the past six months needs to be for the UTPR or WPTR you’re using. Therefore, if you’re going to use your mixed UTPR or WPTR, you must’ve played in three mixed events at tournaments in the past three years with one being a sanctioned tournament in the last six months.


Will I have any input into the ‘controls’ at my Promotion Evaluation session?

No.   The controls have been carefully chosen to fairly represent the level you are being evaluated for.  They are trained in how to conduct the evaluation session and, depending on their availability, they will be randomly selected to participate in your session.

I’m a female and am concerned that I will be paired with 3 male controls.

We have specifically addressed this concern by assuring that 2 of the 3 controls will be of the same gender as the prospect.  In other words, a female prospect will have 2 female controls and 1 male control.  A male prospect will have 2 male controls and one female control.

I sometimes don’t play well with certain partners.  I’m concerned that this may happen to me during my evaluation.

This is why we allow the prospect to discard the lowest of their six scores.   This procedure minimizes the impact of one bad game.

Is stacking permitted during an Evaluation?

Opposite handed partners, whether they’re prospects or controls, will be permitted to stack only while serving if they choose to, but not while receiving.


If I do really well during my Promotion Evaluation, am I able to increase my rating more than ½ point?

No, but you could immediately submit for an evaluation at the next higher level.   The evaluation fee would apply.


Who can I contact to schedule an evaluation related to club ratings and the Promotion Evaluation program? 


NEW procedure to sign up and pay for 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0:

  • To be evaluated for a 3.0:     You can sign up directly on Court Reserve for either Monday 4PM to 8PM, Wednesday 1PM-4PM,  or Sunday  9AM to 1PM. Pay attention if it is evaluations for women or men that week.    See additional instructions below.
  • To be evaluated for a 3.5:     You can sign up directly on Court Reserve for either Tuesday evening 6PM to 10PM or Friday 7AM to 11AM. Pay attention if it is evaluations for women or men that week.   See additional instructions below.
  • To be evaluated for a 4.0:  You can sign up directly on Court Reserve for either Wednesday evenings 6PM to 10PM or Saturday 1PM to 4PM.  Pay attention if it is evaluations for women or men that week.   See additional instructions below.

How do I pay the  3.0, 3.5 & 4.0 Evaluation Fee?

When you sign up for an evaluation you will have to pay the fee at that time on Court Reserve to get on the list. You can sign up for an evaluation as far as 21 days in the future.   You can only be listed for one session at a time, meaning you cannot sign up and pay for two separate reservations, with the hopes to cancel one later.   If you do, they all will be canceled.  

You can waitlist yourself for any evaluation at no charge without impacting your reservation.  However, we would expect you to cancel any other reservations that you may have if you are able to sign up via the CourtReserve waitlist based on another member’s cancellation. Everyone who is on the waitlist will get an email at the same time if a cancellation occurs and the first one who signs up and pays will get the spot.

  • To be evaluated for a 4.5 :   Please email Barry Watkiss bwatkiss@zoominternet.net .  He will provide you all of the information needed and get you scheduled and pay as soon as possible.  

How do I pay the Evaluation Fee for a 4.5?

You cannot pay directly for an evaluation on Court Reserve, you must first go through a coordinator) to get on the list.  After the coordinator confirms that you are on the list, they will then auto bill you the fee.  You will get an email from Court Reserve that you have paid for the evaluation and that be your confirmation that you are on the list.     

Because of the logistics involved in scheduling a 4.5 evaluation, you should make every attempt to participate in the event as scheduled.  However, if cancellation is necessary, your evaluation fee will be applied to a rescheduled evaluation unless the cancellation occurs less than 72 hours before the time of the scheduled evaluation.  In such a case, the entire fee will be forfeited.

At what time should I be at the courts for my evaluation?

While the test administrator holds the right to adjust times, you can expect that if you are the first one or two that sign up that you should show up 10 minutes before the start of the session.  The next two that sign up should show up 70 minutes after the session start and if there is six that can sign up (3.5), you should arrive 140 minutes after the session starts.    It is your responsibility to know what time to show up.   If in doubt, contact the administration listed in the session description. 

What if I must cancel? 

Because there is a 30 day sign up, there is a 5 day no cancelation or refund unless we can find someone to take your place.  

In case we need to cancel (due to weather for example), we will issue a refund and you will have to reschedule based on availability.  

Are there any additional fees?

If you are retaking an evaluation after an unsuccessful attempt, there will be an additional $20, or $40 auto-charge made to your account.

Questions for 3.0, 3.5 & 4.0 evaluations?    Contact Gary Tipton gtipton@zbzoom.net or 724-272-5048