Building and Zoning Codes

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Using the portal, navigate to the "Building, Zoning and Codes" page and review a list of available applications and the supporting documentation required for submittal.  

Users will be able to apply for permits, upload and/or download plans, request copies of documents (ie: Certificate of Occupancy, issued building permits), schedule inspections and pay for permits.  

No paper applications, plans or visits to the Municipal Center Office will be required.

Inspections are conducted Monday – Friday 8 AM to 4 PM except for Holidays.  

When requesting inspections, please indicate the type of inspection needed and the AM or PM slot in the notes section. Our inspectors will attempt to accommodate time requests, but no guarantees can be made. Requests must be received by staff by 3:30 PM the prior business day. Requests for same day inspections or requests received over the week-end will be performed only if the inspector’s workload permits. 

If an inspection cannot be conducted on the requested day, it will be scheduled for the next available business day.

Please contact the Building Zoning Administrative Assistant  Ph: 724-776-4806, extension 1153 with questions.

Building & Zoning Resources

Code of Ordinances  This is the fee schedule for inspections, technical reviews, utility services, rentals, permits and application approvals
Monthly summary issued permits for Residential and Non-Residential construction 
Building/Fire Codes Appeals Board  Before filing a variance request, please contact Planning & Development Services
Zoning Hearing Board  Before filing a variance request, please contact Planning & Development Services
Sidewalk Maintenance Ordinance  Sidewalks are the responsibility of each property owner. In the warmer months, keep sidewalks clear of debris, such as bush and tree limbs. During the winter, snow and ice removal is the responsibility of each resident and business whose properties abut those sidewalks.  Questions: Ph: 724-776-4806 x 1153.