Budgets and Financial Reports

2023 Budget:
Foundations to a Bright Future

The Township’s 2023 budget balances necessary infrastructure upgrades and a series of projects that improve the overall quality of life in the Township.

The fiscally sound budget simultaneously pursues value-enhancing community assets while advancing critical infrastructure needs which add value to the Township and its stakeholders. It also keeps the existing tax rates for the General Fund and continues the practices that have earned Cranberry a Aaa Moodys Rating.

This budget balances the infrastructure needs including improving water, sewer, solid waste, and stormwater projects. Areas of focus include:

  • Phase II of the Fox Run sewer and stormwater improvements designed to reduce flooding during significant storm events
  • Design for the Brush Creek Water Pollution Control Facility solids handling process
  • Comprehensive Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) study to reduce extraneous flows in the sewer system
  • Design and construction of the Franklin Acres pump station and force-main project
  • System integrity improvements in water pumping capacity and water distribution system
  • Continued efforts to meet state-mandated MS4 requirements

The budget also accounts for high-quality maintenance of 136 miles of Township-owned roads, as well as the next phase of work on the ongoing Freedom Road expansion project.

But it isn’t all about Township operations, as the budget includes several carefully vetted capital projects aimed at upgrading and expanding the quality of life in the community.

This includes additional planning efforts like the completion of the Comprehensive Recreation, Parks, and Open Space Plan; a recommitment to diversity initiatives to create a welcoming community through the completion of the Culture & Diversity section of the Cranberry Plan; the completion of the Golf Course Master Plan; and the initial stages of a redevelopment plan that focuses on the mature core commercial areas of the Township.

Elsewhere, ongoing improvements to the Municipal Center campus will create more opportunities for the community to gather and for Township services to grow to meet demand. Likewise, Graham Park will see the installation of a seasonal pickleball air dome and upgrades to the tennis and basketball facilities, while the Waterpark is set to add new features.

The Board approved the budget at the December 8, 2022 meeting.

2022 Budget 
Moving Forward: Even Stronger

This fiscally sound Budget carries on the long-established principles set by the Board of Supervisors. The Budget continues moving the Township forward in becoming an ever-stronger community by pursuing critical infrastructure investment as well as investing in quality-of-life assets and amenities which increase the value for our shareholders, our residents and business community.

The previous two years have certainly been tumultuous as a result of the global pandemic and the unknowns about its impact both fiscally and operationally.  The Township has come through this period in a strong financial position due to the fiscal principles that have been in place for many years. Moving forward we expect to continually strengthen our position as we work towards the implementation of the long-range plans of the Township.  - Dan Santoro, Township Manager