Property Tax Office

Butler County / Cranberry Township Tax Notice Schedule

March 1 - Mailed
April 30 - Last Day at Discount
June 30 - Last Day to Pay at Face 
December 31 - Last Day to Pay Current Year Tax

Seneca Valley School Tax Notice Schedule

August 1 - School Tax Notices are mailed
September 30 - Last Day to Pay at Discount
November 30 - Last Day to Pay at Face
December 31 - Last Day to Pay Current Year Tax

The Property Tax Collector’s responsibilities


Property tax due? Just say "Charge it!"

Credit cards can be used to pay property taxes

Pay your property taxes with your credit card  through GovPayNet®, using your Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® or Discover® card for payments 24/7. Click the ’Pay Now’ button on this page; or pay by phone, 1-888-604-7888.

  • Have your tax statement handy.  
  • You will pay a *service fee at the time of the transaction. 
  • For added convenience, GovPayNet has a fully staffed, bilingual call center available 24/7.
  • GovPayNet handles all cardholder calls and inquiries about any payment issues.

The card holder will pay a 2.5% service fee associated with the use of their card.  For example, a tax bill of $1,000 would entail a $25 fee.  Still, if a payment were made at the close of the face-value payment due-date, it would be cheaper than the 10% penalty which would otherwise apply. There are no charges to the local Tax Collector or the taxing bodies to participate in the service.